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Today we need you doubly, because you are the source of the information, but also a financial resource that guarantees us – and you – the total independence of Ethic Citizen.

For the past several months, the crowdfunding platforms we have approached have been cautiously slowing down the implementation of our citizen funding campaign without giving us any reason. Therefore, it is the collection of your donations directly on this site that will allow our teams to fully launch its actions.

Why Ethic Citizen?

The right to information, to inform and to be informed is one of the fundamental principles of our democracies. They guarantee the proper exercise of our citizenship. These principles are being undermined everywhere. The digital revolution that has taken off in recent years has brought its share of beneficial but also devastating effects.

Producing and distributing information with the Internet and smartphones has never been so easy and fast. However, checking its quality and veracity has never been so complicated!

With the diversity of the current offer, finding content that suits us has never been so easy, but finding independent content not subject to economic interests has become almost impossible.

Who informs you in 2021?


The dissemination of information has been multiplied while sources have dried up, leaving five majorworld press agencies: Agence France Presse (AFP), Reuters, Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI) and Telegrafnoïe aguentstvo Sovietskovo Soïouza (TASS).


The user-viewer has become a client-consumer and information, mere entertainment…

In addition to the ethical problems linked to these paradigm shifts, a minority of billionaires holds almost all the TV channels and the major press titles. This raises questions about: the value, the probity and the choice of the information relayed, the conflicts of interest.

What happens when the interests of this minority diverge from those of the citizens?
How are our rights to information guaranteed in all transparency and independence while hundreds of millions of euros of public funds (666 million in 2020) are injected in various aids to the big media groups.


Crisis of confidence

The COVID crisis has highlighted the media management of 24-hour news channels and more widely of the media, which are more like spokespersons for government decisions than counter-powers deploying investigative journalistic work.

By favoring only the obtaining of large audiences to the detriment of the investigated facts and the quality of the subjects, by privileging the racy breaking news and the buzz, a manifest and legitimate mistrust and discontent of the citizens are the markers of a deep crisis of confidence.


The Ethic Citizen project:

Ethic Citizen: ending the monopoly

ETHIC CITIZEN guarantees an independence in all transparency and the ethical monitoring of the projects in particular with regard to GAFAM, advertising revenues and advertizing.