Our objectives

“To become an international, independent and ethical citizen-led source of information.”

Vincent Aguettant, President Ethic Citizen.

Information is to be considered as a COMMON GOOD more than a commercial link.

Our main goal at ETHIC CITIZEN is to enable every citizen to provide and access useful information, free from all influences. The information from each citizen will be sourced and published; At Ethic Citizen, we exist for the following reasons:

  • • Because informing must be a citizen’s DUTYas we are all witnesses.

  • • Because we, citizens of the world, are the main SOURCEof information and actors of tomorrow.

  • • Because to inform is to allow everyone to have an IMPACTon tomorrow.

  • • Because information must rhyme with ETHICSand society to preserve our HUMANITY!

  • • Because WEare the source!

How ?

  • 7,7 billion of witnesses supported from now on by experienced journalists.
  • The journalist put him/herself at the service of the citizen.